Podcast Episode #1

Chris Smith

TEXO Group Managing Director

Tuned In Podcast

TEXO Tuned In is a new series of conversations with key people in the Engineering, Fabrication, Construction and Surveying industries to discuss innovation and points of consideration for changing landscape of these fields.

Podcast Episode #7

Podcast Episode #7

Jim Jackson
Business Development Manager of TEXO DSI's Survey Division

In Episode 7 of the Texo Tuned In podcast we sit down with Jim Jackson, Business Development Manager for TEXO DSI's Survey Division .....
Podcast Episode #6

Podcast Episode #6

Chris Smith & Lauren Arnott

In Episode 6 of the Texo Tuned In podcast we talk with Lauren Arnott, Divisional Director of TEXO DSI and Chris Smith Texo Group Managing Director .....
Podcast Episode #5

Podcast Episode #5

Colin Smith
Asset Integrity Manager

In episode 5 of the TEXO Tuned In podcast, we speak to Colin Smith, Asset Integrity Manager about how Asset Integrity and TEXO operate...
Podcast Episode #4

Podcast Episode #4

Richard Lamb
Divisional Director TEXO Workspace Solutions

How their "unique build" and "mass production of one-offs" approach to project delivery allows them to minimise time spent on site and achieve client....