Growing A Quality Workforce

Growing a workforce means so much more than adding to your headcount through recruitment. At TEXO Recruitment we believe that developing your workforce plays a huge part in retaining employees and that employers have a duty of care towards employee welling and development.

So how does a business expand without wavering on quality? Here are my tips on how to successfully expand your business whilst maintaining quality:

Firstly, Take your Time. It is exciting to be ready to expand your workforce, but the last thing you want to do is rush. Working with a recruitment partner and developing a strategic plan of action is critical to properly fulfilling the staffing needs of your business.

Secondly, Employee Understanding. Employees can sometimes tend to take on a variety of roles far greater than a ‘standard scope’ of work. Having this family atmosphere, a strong team network, and a common goal can often be the driving force behind the success of a business and the subsequent opportunities for expansion. As a company expands, having a dedicated recruitment partner who can analyse your needs, identify your long-term plans and determine the best recruitment method for your business is critical.

Another key factor is Developing a Diverse Workplace. Diversity and inclusion in your business will help your team to mirror what the real world looks like outside – various ages, shapes, sizes, genders, religions, backgrounds and experiences. The first step is to portray how your business embraces inclusivity by ensuring diversity is more than a goal – it’s a reality. Practical steps, such as reviewing job adverts and job descriptions, need to be taken to ensure that the language used is inclusive and doesn’t unintentionally deter certain groups of applicants. For example, using overly ‘masculine’ language and terms can put off female applicants. You also need to target a wide and inclusive source of applicants.

Growing a workforce has its challenges, and it’s important to be prepared for the obstacles that might arise along the way. To avoid placing unfair demands on your existing staff, enlarging your workforce is a key part of scaling up your business. Hiring new people helps with workload management, but it can also prove vital in delivering the skills your company needs as it evolves.

If you’re preparing to expand your workforce, why not talk to TEXO Recruitment? We are ideally placed to help you put together a clear recruitment plan that supports your business goals, boosts your brand reputation and puts you in the ideal position to capitalise on the opportunities available to your business.

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Growing A Quality Workforce