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Six modular classrooms Install for Castleview Primary School

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Castleview Primary School

Our client, Amey, collaborated with Castleview Primary School in Craigmillar, southeast Edinburgh, UK to address the growing need for expanded facilities. The school required additional classrooms, toilets, and service areas due to increasing pupil numbers. Moreover, there was a necessity for a passenger lift to ensure accessibility compliance.

The solution

The Use of Modular Construction (UK)

Given the constraints of time and limited site availability, opting for modular construction was the ideal solution. Through thorough discussions with Amey, Castleview School, and The TEXO Workspace Solutions team, a design brief was established, and an optimal location was agreed upon. Our modular build approach maximized offsite construction, minimizing on-site disruption during the classroom installation phase. This approach significantly reduced construction time and costs, enabling the school to swiftly utilize the new facilities, alleviating overcrowding and enhancing safety for students.

Six modular classrooms Install for Castleview Primary School

The result

Successful Modular Classroom Installation

Spanning over a 1000 square meter floor area, six fully-equipped classrooms were installed, complete with standard disability access. Additionally, we integrated toilets, service areas, and cleaners’ stores into the structure. The final building was equipped with an internal staircase and passenger lift to meet accessibility requirements.

The outcome of the modular classroom installation surpassed expectations, with both Amey and the school expressing satisfaction with the quality of the build. Our ability to efficiently manage the design, construction, installation, fit-out, and commissioning within a tight timeline underscored the effectiveness of modular construction in meeting project goals.

Six modular classrooms Install for Castleview Primary School


Six modular classrooms Install for Castleview Primary School