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Demob Project for Offshore Supply Vessel During COVID Restrictions

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Deep-Ocean asked TEXO Port Services to manage the demob of the Normand Jarstein, an offshore supply vessel.

This project had a large scope of work to be completed to a very tight time frame – and within the COVID-19 restrictions in place at the time. This meant our team had to practice social distancing whilst carrying out the work safely and to the standards our customers expect.

TEXO Port Services has a reputation for its expertise in MOBS & DEMOBS. Our teams are all fully training and highly experienced, and our work is always completed to the required standards and conducted in a safe and professional manner – all important factors for our clients.

The Solution

The main challenge for our team was the back deck of the vessel, which was 90% wood. This made the removal of the grillages and D-Rings very challenging because we had to make sure the wooden deck wasn’t damaged during the oxy-fuel gas cutting and the dressing back using grinders. Precautions were put in place using fire blankets and protective materials to prevent the deck from being damaged. The job was completed with zero damage to the wooden deck, which was a significant achievement.


We used certified loading baskets to lift all cables, hand tools, power tools and all other equipment onboard safely. Certified gas bottle cages were used to lift oxy-fuel gas bottles and hoses on board to remove grillages and existing D-Rings from the vessel deck. And four certified generators provided 110v power, for the electrical hand tools used for dressing the deck back to its original condition.

Demob Project for Offshore Supply Vessel During COVID Restrictions


From the offset of the demob, TEXO was professional in its approach. In particular, the availability of resources to allow the work to be undertaken safely within Covid restrictions was extremely well planned. There was constant communication and feedback from deck workers and supervisors.

Speaking personally as the project QA engineer for both the Deep-Ocean Trident and Baobab projects, I will certainly recommend Deep-Ocean utilises the services of TEXO when we require fabrication, mob, demob or port services in future.

Mark Beatty – Lead QA Engineer, Deep-Ocean

Demob Project for Offshore Supply Vessel During COVID Restrictions