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Deepsea Aberdeen – Galley Floor Replacement

The solution

Our project engineer carried out an offshore survey of the existing 120m2 floor and layout. A post survey report was prepared with recommendations and budget proposal.

To ensure that there was no disruption to normal operations for the c140 POB, we set up a sectioned-off temporary galley within the mess hall area consisting of induction hobs, induction ovens, freezers, chiller units and bain marie. This temporary galley was set-up, tested and fully operational prior to the existing galley being isolated.

Working in conjunction with the Rig Electrician, the existing galley equipment was isolated, removed and laid aside for future re-use.

Our four-man multi-discipline project team set about removing the existing drain covers and lifted the floor back to the steel deck. Following an inspection of the deck our team constructed the new A60 Fire Resistant Epoxy Deck System – building up the multi-coats over a period of seven days.

New stainless-steel drain covers were installed and the galley equipment re-installed, powered up, tested and brought back online prior to the temporary galley being dismantled.

Deepsea Aberdeen – Galley Floor Replacement

The result

Carried out over a period of three weeks, whilst the asset was fully operational in the North Sea, this project represented a step-change in how offshore modifications can be performed. Being able to set up temporary facilities reduced downtime and business interruption, helping the client to keep things working at all times.

Client feedback has been outstanding, with specific praise in relation to the seamless transition between temporary galley set up and existing galley works.

Deepsea Aberdeen – Galley Floor Replacement


“This was a fantastic project to have been involved in. Not only does it showcase our specialism in the delivery of in-service asset upgrades, it represents a game-changer for the way in which to carry out galley upgrades going forward. Our temporary galley solution ensures that there is no disruption to the client’s operations and provides an excellent Return on Investment for such projects.”

Kenny Greig, Project Engineer, Texo Accommodation